Book of Revelation – a story of Enduring Love

Lots of people think the story of Revelation is scary because of the symbols and plagues and beasts described vividly in its chapters; however, allow me to share my testimony with you about my experience with the book of Revelation. It’s a story of reconciliation, reunion, rekindling, re-finding love, rediscovery of long lost forgotten love after many years of separation and finding that touch of enduring first love again. It is the best feeling in the world when you get the opportunity to regain true love once thought lost. It is the most intense love you can ever experience because you know if it could endure all the separation, stress, difficult times, and worst moments, nothing can ever break it again!

Revelation – a story of Restoration

Samuel met Elizabeth met six years ago whiles working on a mine project in DR Congo and dated for about six months, but Samuel had to leave abruptly to Canada to study his Master’s degree. Samuel left Elizabeth with a promise to come back to reunite and marry her after schooling. After a year in Canada, Samuel’s love for Lizzie started growing cold after several months as he found new friends in Canada and had new relationships and soon forgot his promise to Lizzie.   By this act, Samuel sinned.  According to Hebrews 6:10, forgetfulness is unrighteousness.  After schooling, Samuel’s unfaithfulness to Lizzy had gotten so bad he had decided to marry another lady he had just briefly met.

But Lizzy never stopped loving Samuel for a single day and prayed to God to return her lost love. Samuel recalls, “I told myself I could not wait many years after school to go back to get married to Lizzy and to bring her back to Canada. I was not ready to go through that hardship, and I wanted a wife ASAP, so I had to do it” it was a combination of dishonesty, unfaithfulness, and cowardice at the highest level” I never prayed to God about it to help me. I never asked God help at any stage; I was full of myself thinking I got everything in control”. But Lizzy never stopped praying and asking God to bring her love and future husband back.  Lizzy recalls “I was so disappointed and hurt and heartbroken,” but whenever I prayed to God he told me to wait and not to get married and that he would bring Samuel back to me” It was crazy! I was like “God in case you didn’t know, Samuel IS GETTING MARRIED!!! Why should I still wait, what more hope is there?? But whenever I prayed God still said “wait” I have not finished my work.  Many suitors came and went, but I turned them all away, my mother and sisters all thought I was crazy!! It was a crazy period for me.

Revelation – Story of Hope

Less than six months, after Samuel got married in Canada, his marriage came to an abrupt end. Samuel explains, “nothing went as planned from the week up to the wedding, after the wedding, and the entire weeks after, it was from one trouble to the next.  Samuel explains, “it was as if everything had turned upon us,” we did not even spend weeks together until one Saturday morning she was gone!! I was married and divorced within a blink of an eye.  I was abandoned like a plague or a Shrek-like ogre. I thought I would never recover again; I was broken totally.  All alone, Samuel turned to His bible to try to find answers to His predicament.  Samuel said, “I read from cover to cover until I found what I was looking for in the book of Job.” That was my turning point and my point of repentance and confessing my sins and asking God to give me a new heart.  A year later, Samuel called Lizzy on the phone, and less than a year later they were Happily married in DR Congo and in Ghana and flying back to Canada.  Samuel says every day he can’t believe that Lizzy is His wife, and he thanks the Lord every day as she is everything he had ever asked for in a wife plus extra benefits he never thought even existed.  Samuel says, “I think I am the happiest man in the world” cos’ i was dead, but now I am alive, I was lost, but now found. I fell, but I now arise again.

Samuel says his life testimony is similar to the theme of the story in the book of Revelation, which is the foundational message of His ministry, ‘Revelation by Grace’ that he and Lizzy have been called to start.  God has never stopped loving us and is counting on us, His church to repent and turn back to him to be married to Him.  He is the Groom and we, the church are His bride.  He is ready and waiting for us to return to the pure gospel of the word of God.  The church has lost its first love of Christ and turned away from the doctrine first handed over to the saints.  Samuel says, “In the book of Revelation God is calling us back to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people.  The church has fallen away from the truth, and the book of Revelation shows how far the church has fallen and the urgent need to get back.  The same book teaches the church how it can get back and right with God and the steps which must be taken to receive us back so we could be joined in Marriage with Him! The book of Revelation is a story of Restoration, is a story finding our first love, reuniting with the one who First loved Us, individually and collectively as a church. God says, “I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens I will come in and sap with him. Rev.3:20

God wants us back, but he wants us first to understand how we have fallen and repent so we could reunite with Him in everlasting glory, forever and ever Amen!


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