Book of Revelation – a story of Enduring Love

Lots of people think the story of Revelation is scary because of the symbols and plagues and beasts described vividly in its chapters; however, allow me to share my testimony with you about my experience with the book of Revelation. It’s a story of reconciliation, reunion, rekindling, re-finding love, rediscovery of long lost forgotten love after many years of separation and finding that touch of … Continue reading Book of Revelation – a story of Enduring Love

Love is still the greatest commandment but…

Most of us remember our favorite love stories where the man usually goes to extreme lengths to get the attention of their loved one.  Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Comedy of Errors, the Merchant of Venice I can go on and on.  When someone is in love, it is as if they do not have a head but only follow with their heart.  Not all … Continue reading Love is still the greatest commandment but…

Revelation’s ‘math’ problem solved pt.3

This post will conclude the three-part series on solving Revelation’s math problem.  In the first article, I described the problem caused by the geographical location of the book of Revelation in the bible. I explained how its position as the last book of the New Testament had posed a problem for Christians of today. The book seems to defy the general flow of the gospel … Continue reading Revelation’s ‘math’ problem solved pt.3

Solving Revelation’s ‘math’ problem pt.2

In my first article in the series, I explained my concept of a ‘mathematical’ problem presented by the New Testament’s book of Revelation.  In this sequel I am going to explain how we can solve the problem. Let me recap the problem here for those who have by chance not read the prior article. I used the analogy of a mathematical problem in the sense … Continue reading Solving Revelation’s ‘math’ problem pt.2

Which bible role model is your present life imitating?

When sport teams are recruiting players, they scout for and recruit the best talents available. They have scouts who go around to look for talent to add to their teams. They look for the next big thing. When they discover prospects, they invite them to trials to examine them close up if they are good enough for the team. Sometimes these prospects have to go … Continue reading Which bible role model is your present life imitating?